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Author of 75 works, Ch. Sirodeau became a Prize winner of the 8th International Mozart Competition in Salzburg (song category, 2002), and of the Reinl International Competition in Vienna (String Quartet category, 2003, for "Aurora per Diotima"). Following the Salzburg competition, his song "L'étoile" on verses by Rimbaud was published by Universal Edition in Vienna.

"Musique Vespérale pour Elsa" (Sumphônia for violoncello and orchestra) was premiered on 19 May 2004 with the Jyväskylä Sinfonia (Finland), under the direction of Leif Segerstam with Pia Segerstam as cello soloist. The second version of 2005 was played at the Corum Center, Montpellier (France), by the National Orchestra of Montpellier with the same conductor and soloist on 24 and 26 March 2006 (and was broadcast in May 2006 by Radio France /France-Musique).

"Obscur Chemin des étoiles" (Nocturnal -Fantasy for piano), dedicated to his friend Jonathan Powell, was first performed (by Powell) in London on October 24, 2004. Powell also premiered "Cenotaphe" for piano in Moscow and "Jeux d'Ombres" for violin and piano (London) in 2005.

"La recherche de l'Absolu" (the 3rd String Quartet), was first performed in Autumn 2005 in Nürnberg and Würzburg (Germany) by the Novalis String Quartet and translated by Bavarian Radio.

The 'premiere' of "Nostalgie du futur" for violin and piano was offered at L'Archipel, Paris the 4th of December, 2008, (Eiichi Chijiiwa, violin) and "Portraits secrets" at the Schott Recital room in London, in April 2010. In 2011, the same day - 22nd of May - 2 pieces were premiered: "Cenotaphe II" (Hommage to Mahler) for brass quintet in Lodève (France), and "Confessions" (on verses by Yeats) for Mezzo-soprano and electronic by the Greek singer Angelika Cathariou in Modena (Italia). In January 2012, the 'Ephéméride musicale' for piano was premiered in Montpellier, and in the same city (March 11th), L'Agneau Mystique des frères Van Eyck' (7th 'Sumphônia) was premièred by the American conductor Robert Tuohy and the Montpellier National Orchestra. More recently, in the same town, " l'azur et des pierres - Mallarmé", for violin, percussions and electronic, was premiered in January 2014, few month after another premiere: "Rituels" for cello and piano in Malmö (Sweden).
New premiere is featuring Milan Pala in a 2016 recording of "Laudi"(a version for his 'milanolo', a 5 strings violin).

Other compositions have been played by well-known performers including the violonist Hannele Angervo-Segerstam, the mezzo-soprano Riitta-Maija Ahonen, and pianist Nikolaos Samaltanos. Ch. Sirodeau started to compose at the age of 10 and although mainly self-taught as a composer, in the 1990s he sought some advice from the musicologist Vladimir Chinayev and the composer Victoria Borisova-Ollas. Also influential was Alain Poirier's analysis course at Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (1993-95).

The composer on CD:

"Obscur chemin des étoiles" published by
Altarus Records, Inc./USA - 2007


Other pieces on this CD: Musique vespérale pour Elsa, Cenotaphe, Artificial horizon, Arlequins en rouge et blanc, Jeux d'ombres and Esquisse pour Adramandoni

Main works already played:

" l'azur et des pierres - Mallarmé", for violin, percussions and electronic - 2014
"Rituels" - for cello and piano - 2013
"Adramandoni" for flute and electro-acoustic sounds - 2012
"L'agneau Mystique des frères Van Eyck" - Sumphônia VII for orchestra - 2007/11
"Confessions" for mezzo-soprano & electro-acoustic sounds on verses by Yeats - 2011
"Nostalgie du Futur" (Labyrinthe de couleur) for violin & piano - 2008
"La recherche de l'Absolu" for string quartet (n.3) - 2004-05
"Obscur chemin des étoiles" (Nocturnal-Fantasy for piano) - 2004
"Musique vespérale pour Elsa" for cello and orchestra - 2003/2006
"Jeux d'ombres" for violin & piano,
"Vers ton Ombre" et "Aurora per Diotima" for string quartet (n.1 & 2) - 2001 & 2002
"Florales: 9 Instantanés" 1998/2004/2012 & "Cenotaphe I" for piano - 2000
"Alba" for organ - 2001
"Fil d'Ariane" for piano - 1997


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Phono Suecia

As a pianist, Sirodeau is principally a pupil of Evgeny Malinin (from 1982 to 1992) with whom he studied in both France and Russia, laterly at the Moscow Conservatoire (on a state scholarship, 1989-92). Among his others teachers were Alberto Neuman (a disciple of Benedetti Michelangeli), Thérèse Dussaut, Olga Lartshenko and Dora Rybac.

Ch. Sirodeau has recorded the complete piano works by Viktor Ullmann, published in 2014 in Sweden by Bis Records. This recording was widely praised by the international critics (in the Guardian, in Musicweb international, International record review, and in few other web sites, like Resmusica ['Gold Key of the year 2014'], by France Culture, in Diapason (5 stars), Fono-forum, Gramophone, etc....), while some extracts were broadcast by several radios (BBC, France- Musique, Radio Suisse romande, Radio Bremen, etc...).

Sirodeau is known for his broad tastes and his curiosity for rarely heard scores from past and present both in concert, in the recording studio and for the radio (Ullmann, Feinberg, Winterberg, Smit, Skalkottas, Kapralova, Suk, Lourié, Roslavets, Mompou, Bridge, Reger...). He has appeared as soloist (under Leif Segerstam's baton) with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Norway Radio Orchestra, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, and the Belgrade Philharmonic. In chamber music he is the partner of the Japanese violonist Eiichi Chijiiwa (one of the leaders of the Orchestre de Paris), and was playing with the percussions ensemble Symbléma (Marseille), the soloists from the Montpellier National Orchestra and also with the pianists Jonathan Powell et Nikolaos Samaltanos, the actor Timothée Laine, and for "lieder-abend" mainly with the mezzo-soprano Riitta-Maija Ahonen (of course, he has appeared also in numerous solo recitals).
'Perspectives on music', dedicated to Etienne Barilier, a large multilingual book published in Germany by Verlag Traugott Bautz, for which Sirodeau wrote one third of the contents, was just released in October 2017. The lost works, the long awaited recording of the posthumous 1st Violin Sonata by Feinberg as well as pieces by Winterberg, is now published by Melism as world premiere.

His previous recordings of music by Feinberg (the complete sonatas in alternate collaboration with Samaltanos) and Skalkottas for BIS were also widely praised in the international press before. The first volume of Feinberg was named 'disc of the month' in May 2004 by Music Web International (where Colin Clarke wrote about the 6th Sonata: "The performance (Sirodeau) is miraculous"). Similar accolades followed in "", in the BBC Music Magazine (both volumes), Klassik-Heute, Fanfare (in "The Want List"), and for his recording of Skalkottas' Chamber Concerto (also with Samaltanos), in both Gramophone and in Classica-Répertoire (France, winning the "Recommandé"). The Feinberg series was followed by two world premiere recordings for Altarus (USA), with the 1st piano Concerto and a Lieder recital.

The pianist on CD :

The lost works
Feinberg: Violin Sonata n.1 op.12 (posth.), Fantasia n.1 (original version), Suite n.1
Winterberg: Piano Sonata n.1 (1936), Suite 1945 (Theresienstadt)

"A piacere" / Chamber music with Pia Segerstam:

BRAHMS, Vier ernste Gesänge, Op. 121 BRIDGE, Cello Sonata in D minor BUSONI, Kultaselle (10 Short Variations on a Finnish Folksong) ENESCU, Cello Sonata No. 2 LISZT, Complete Works for Cello and Piano WEBERN, Drei kleine Stücke, Op. 11 WEBERN, Stück No. 2 · Nächtliche Scheu · Erwachen aus dem tiefsten Traumesschosse
(on Melism 003-004-005)

Viktor Ullmann: Complete piano music (7 Sonatas and Variations) BIS 2116 [double-cd]

Feinberg: Songs (world premiere recording): Incantation op.4, No.1 / Once more I'm silent at your feet ­ Snowy Night op.7, No.2 / In Youthful Indolence op.7, No.3 / My Beloved op.16, No.2 / Three Springs op.26, No.5 / The Burned Letter op.26, No.7 / The Imprisoned Knight op.28, No.2 / The Dream op.28, No.3 / Hebrew Melody op.28, No.4 / The River Sprite op.28, No.5 / No, it's not you I love so hotly op.28, No.6 / Onto the Highway, on my own, I walk op.28, No.7 / Maritsa, op.47 / We're living in a story op.14, No.1 / Beyond the distant mountains she grew up op.14, No.2 / Sapho / When... The Voice of Wind op.14, No.4 / In vain I hasten onto the heights of Sion [op.16, No.3] / Hebrew Melody [op.27] / Evil

Altarus Records, Inc./USA - 2009


Feinberg: 1st piano Concerto op.20* (world premiere recording*) and piano pieces, published by

Altarus Records, Inc./USA - 2008


other pieces on this CD: Fantasia No.2, op.9 in E minor* / Etude op.11 No.1 in Eb major / Prelude op.8 No.2 in A minor / Prelude op.8 No.4 in Eb major / Etude op.11 No.4 in F minor / 3 Preludes op.15 / Berceuse op.19a / The Dream (from op.28) op.posth* / Album for Children op.posth*

Victoria Borisova-Ollas: The Triumph of Heaven - CD Phono Suecia 171 [2008] (playing "Im Klosterhofe" for cello, piano and tape; with Pia Segerstam)

Samuil Feinberg: 12 Sonatas for piano [2 volumes] / Nikos Skalkottas: Chamber Concerto/ Leif Segerstam: Chamber music
(Bis Records /Sweden 2003-04 & 1996)

Skalkottas "Ulysse's Return"
(Agora /Italy - 1995) -

"XXth Century Russian Piano music" : Scriabin, Roslavets, Lourié, Feinberg (Arkadia / Italy - 1994)